Exercise Routines for Women

Exercise routines for women are designed with different goals in mind than the ones made for men. Women need to have routines that burn fat, strengthen muscle mass, and help tone specific body areas. Here are five workouts meant especially to help women get into shape:

Exercise routines for women

  • Fitness Classes

    Fitness Classes

    There are many kinds of fitness classes that are good workout routines for women, even some free ones at places like the local YMCA or community center. The advantage of a fitness class is the camaraderie of your fellow exercisers, as you can become each other's support team. Some of the fitness classes to consider are aerobics; dance fitness like Zumba, cycling and more.

  • Resistance/Circuit Training

    Circuit Training

    A few women think if they use weights it will just make them more bulky like when a guy does it. However, resistance training is a good way to tone and tighten muscles. Women should work out with items like dumbbells, fitness balls, resistance bands and barbells without weights on them.

    You can make your own sort of circuit training by exercising with each piece of gear for about two minutes and taking a 30-second rest in-between each exercise you do. For instance, you can also combine exercises such as sitting on the fitness ball while you are using the dumbbells.

    This sort of workout helps you work in the exercises that are geared towards the body part you most want to tone and shape up. You can also mix up the type of exercises from time to time so you don't get bored.

    Resistance and strength training workouts for women can also help you lose weight because it builds muscles and muscles burn fatter.

  • Cardio Workouts

    Cardio Workouts

    We talked about heart rate for weight loss before, cardio workouts for women are good for your heart because it gets you blood pumping. It can also help you get rid of excess pounds because it burns a lot of excess calories. Some of the kinds of cardio workouts you may want to try to include using exercise machines like a stair climber, treadmill, elliptical, or a rowing machine.

    Or, something like Pilates or any sort of aerobics course can be considered a cardio workout. It's best to do cardio at least one hour, three times a week to see good results.

  • Self Exercise With No Gear


    There are great exercise workouts for women that require only yourself and a few feet of space to do the exercises. You won't have to do anything except pick an exercise routine with exercises like pushups, situps, stretches, and whatever ones you want to help the parts of your body you need to help. Using exercise machines and other gear are great, but when you do exercises just using your own body strength, it helps to provide strengthen many different muscle systems and can tone you in the areas you desire, depending on the exercises you choose to do.

  • Arm exercises

    So without further ado, here are 4 essential arm exercises for women:

    • Extensions over the head.

      Extensions over the head

      Specifically, triceps extensions. A triceps extension over the head will do a great job of isolating the area where arm fat lives? The long head.

    • Narrow grip barbell curls.

      Narrow grip barbell curls

      Should you neglect your biceps if you want that complete toned arms look. And remember that your biceps muscle is the first part of your arm that someone will see when greeting you from the front. Narrow grip curls do an excellent job at working the outside part of your biceps, the part that is most visible.

    • Forearm curls.

      Forearm curls

      While not the most effective exercise for reducing arm flab, this movement will do wonders for loose forearms. If you feel that your forearms need additional work, include this exercise in your routine.

    • Incline bench curls.

      Incline bench curls

      Rarely will an exercise work a muscle through its entire range of motion, yet this movement just does that. It's one of the best exercises you can do for your biceps. Again, you'll have to use lighter weights here. And don't be discouraged because of the reduced load!

If you stick to the basics and do them with maximum effort, you should notice some drastic results. The key here is to stay away from all the fads and flashy movements?rarely do they provide many benefits. And remember that intensity is the name of the game.

A routine should last about 15 minutes and include 8-12 repetitions of each exercise, with about 30 seconds to a minute in-between to rest the muscles. You should do this workout about three times a week, every other day.

All in all, exercise routines for women are geared just a bit differently from men, but they still have the same goal in mind of losing weight and getting healthier. Have a great workout!

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