Inner Thigh Workout

In my blog How to Get Rid of Inner Thigh Fat last time, we talked about the theory of How to lose inner thigh fat. Today, I will share the Inner thigh workout to let you know the specific exercise routines to burn the fat of your inner thighs, and build a perfect pair of legs.

Inner thigh workout

If you have already tried different exercise programs and exercise routines without seeing the slightest improvement in your flabby thighs, you need to try these effective inner thigh workouts. These exercises will not only help you tone your thighs faster, but they will also assist in developing and strengthening your upper legs, allowing you to perform better in sports and rigorous exercise routines.

The following are the most effective inner thigh workouts and exercises to undertake. You might find out most moves require to train at a gym, in fact, you can conduct them at home as well.

  • Leg Press

    leg press

    The best way to strengthen your thighs is to do a couple of leg presses at least thrice a week. Use a leg press machine to perform 8 to 12 leg presses. Perform at least 1 to 3 sets of leg presses per day. Do not forget to breathe out during the first movement of the leg press and to breathe in during the second movement.

  • Leg Curl

    Leg Curl

    The leg curl is one of the most popular inner thigh workouts because it applies desirable amounts of pressure onto the hamstring, which are the muscles located in the rear of your thighs.

    You can do it by lying face down on your leg curl machine. Keep your chest flat against its surface and tighten your grip around its hand-grips. Slowly curl your legs up while keeping your hips down against the leg curl machine's bench. Gently lower down your body until you reach the starting position. Do this for 8 to 12 times and continue doing it for 1 to 3 sets.

  • Squat


    This is also considered as one of the most effective inner thigh workouts. However, you always need to wear a weight belt to protect your back from this exercise.

    Prepare a spotter, a squat rack, a barbell, and a dry towel for this exercise. Wrap the barbell's center with the towel and carefully bring down the barbell to rest on your shoulders. Step back and squat down until your thighs become completely parallel to the floor. Raise the barbell up until you reach an upright standing position. Repeat 8 to 12 times for 1 to 3 sets.

  • Leg Extension

    Leg Extension

    Among the different kinds of inner thigh workouts, the leg extension is the only one that targets the quadriceps of your thigh's front. You can do it by sitting on a leg machine, extending your legs straight out and putting your legs back down again. This is a very safe exercise so you can perform it even without help from a spotter.

  • Butterfly Stretching

    Leg Extension

    Before starting your inner thigh workouts, make sure your inner thigh muscles are stretched and limber to avoid injuries. Sit down and bring your toes together in an Indian seat. Let your thighs fall to the floor slowly and feel the stretch. Clasp your feet with your hands and stretch as much as you are comfortable with.

  • Hip Adduction Machine

    Hip Adduction Machine

    The hip adduction machine in the current standard, this machine is used by many a gym regulars for its spot reduction promise. The machine works by contracting the inner thigh muscles against resistance. The best way to maximize the machine in your inner thigh workouts is by setting its breadth to the widest that you can handle, just make sure to pinch them together before use. When using the machine, make sure that you go through the motion slowly. Contract the pads as close as you can and hold for three to five seconds, before slowly letting them open up.

  • Modified Squats and Lunges

    Hip Adduction Machine

    Modified squats and lunges, as the name implies, these exercises are classic motions done with a higher level of difficulty by going through them with the feet apart. The wider the partition, the harder the workout and the better the results. You will find out more Lunge moves in Butt Workouts for Women.

  • Pilate’s Inner Thigh Lifts

    Pilate’s Inner Thigh Lifts

    Pilates inner thigh lifts is an advanced position for you inner thigh workouts; you need to lie on your side while lifting your rib area and supporting your head with one hand. Move your legs slightly to the front to achieve a banana position. Bring your top foot in front of your hips like how a man crosses his legs and wrap your other hand around the calf until your grip your top foot's ankle.

  • Brisk Walking

    Brisk Walking

    Brisk walking is an activity that strengthens and tones your inner thighs through using all the muscles of your thigh. Walking is low impact, cost effective and the surest way to build strength, stamina, and tone your inner thighs. You can also jog or climb stairs for more of a workout.

  • With the above inner thigh workout and exercise, you will be able to burn your inner thigh fat and be more healthy and fit.

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