Women's Fitness and Health Tips

Many women have difficulties in controlling their weight and living a healthy lifestyle. They even get frustrated with loads of information that they read or see on television on how to maintain a healthy living standard. Women prefer simple ways to begin getting healthier without straining themselves. Here are some helpful fitness tips and advice for women.

  • Don't knock yourself out

    Don't knock yourself out

    Women seem to have this innate notion that they're letting someone down. It's OK if you can't spend ten hours a week at the gym or jog every evening. It's only important that you make a commitment to improving your health and fitness and then stick to it. Women's health and fitness advisors suggest that you exercise for 20 to 60 minutes, three to five times a week. This is not always possible, but don't become frustrated if you're not able to meet someone else's ideals. If you can exercise two times a week at twenty minutes per session, you're doing a great job.

  • Stay focused on your success

    Stay focused

    Keep thinking about how good it feels to have committed to a new health and fitness regime. If your plan includes weight loss and you're struggling to meet a goal, don't beat yourself up about it. Focus on all that you've accomplished up to this point. Consider today to be your new starting point. Your biggest personal success is the fitness commitment that you've made to yourself.

  • Don't do too much, too soon.

    Don't do too much

    Your ideal health and fitness regime requires a workout of no more than an hour at a time. Doing the same exercises over extended periods or spending too much time at the gym or can be tedious and boring. When you narrow your time frame and focus on the exercise, your workout sessions will be more fun and you will see better results.

  • Monitor your heart rate

    heart rate

    It is recommended that women exercise at 75-85% of their maximum heart rate. Too low a rate means you're not exerting yourself to your potential. Too much can be potentially dangerous too. Sticking it out at 50 percent is not going to help you realize your fitness goals. Use a heart rate monitor or do a manual count incrementally during your workout to ensure that you're reaching and not exceeding the prescribed target heart rate, also it's very important to keep your heart rate for weight loss.

  • Exercise with a friend


    It's so much easier to stick with a fitness program when you have some social support. Working out alone can leave you feeling as if you're missing something. With a social support web, you will feel a sense of kinship, camaraderie, and even healthy competition. If you usually work out alone at home, try a sample workout at your local gym. You can also join a Pilates or yoga class, or take up a team sport. Running clubs and golf courses are other ways to keep in shape and meet exciting new people.

Getting healthier and getting fit is important to everyone’s lifestyle. One will feel more energetic and healthier at the same time. It is important to incorporate some form of exercise as well as taking a look at our diet. To live a healthy lifestyle, you should be able to incorporate some of these things into their daily routine.

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