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Cotton is a gentle material that’s comfortable and safe for your skin. The skin is one of the most important body organs and needs to be maintained well, it comes in different cloth designs with underwear in many sizes and shapes. Cotton underwear is breathable and allows for proper air circulation, whether you are in for a physical exercise, heading to your workplace or having some fun-time off work, quality cotton underwear is all you need to get started.

Cotton Underwear

If you are looking for breathable underwear, healthy organic underwear should be the top pick. Organic cotton underwear undergoes less chemical processing, hence it has less of the health-risk chemicals and will keep your body fresh and dry. They also absorb sweats and toxins released from the body, none of these will keep sticking on your delicate skin. Being organic and breathable, they prevent bacteria and yeast growth in your female genitals. Lack of free & enough air circulation and the damp conditions encourage the growth and multiplication of yeast and bacteria.

Cotton Underwear

Why Cotton?

Cotton isn’t only that white fabric, it has much to offer specifically to our health side of life. Having cotton underwear on your skin is more of an achievement, it’s a healthy lifestyle you need to make a habit out of it. Read on and get to know the real benefits of cotton underwear.

  • Prevents virginal infections

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    Virginal infections cause discomfort, embarrassment, and anxiety. The causes of Yeast and bacterial infections, for example, cannot be accounted for fully but can be prevented and their effects reduced by wearing cotton underwear on a daily basis. Polyester and latex provides some of the best conditions for yeast growth and having it in your wardrobe are the least you should do in the first place. These types of clothing are restricted and cause excessive warmth which leads to unnecessary moisture formation.

  • Cotton is hypoallergenic

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    The fiber content in cotton in naturally hypoallergenic and this helps to ease irritation caused by yeast infections. While washing the cotton underwear, it’s important to avoid the bleaching & scented detergents. Fabric conditioners and softeners may also lead to irritation in case your skin is sensitive. Cotton clothing is available in many colors, to avoid any possible allergy to the color dyes; you can choose the white color and be sure to wash before wearing it for the very first time.

  • Prevents odor

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    Cotton has the ability to absorb excessive moisture, remove heat build-up and provide easy airflow around the vagina. This improves on ventilation and helps reduce the odor causing bacteria. Wearing cotton throughout the summer season is the best you can do due to the high humidity. It will, therefore, work out to reduce the itching, odor, and infections that are common within this season. Organic cotton underwear is best worn at night if you can’t eliminate them to keep the area dry and fresh.

Regardless of your taste, you will always find the best cotton underwear to keep you fit. From the regular cut, bikini briefs to thong design; it comes in all the physical forms. Color should not be an issue if that’s always your priority in picking underwear, they come in plenty of colors and patterns.

How to Choose the Best Cotton Underwear for Women

When it comes to purchasing any cotton underwear, there are some important factors to consider. The shape and color may not be that important, but the size should be of keen interest. Super-tight underwear though may be comfortable, are not good for your health. Because of the uncomfortable amount of friction, they may lead to ingrown hairs and advanced yeast infections because of the thin nature of the skin around the vagina.

Only Hearts Women's Organic Cotton Brief Panty
Only Hearts Women's Organic Cotton Brief Panty

You may try to avoid the old School panty lines and get yourself that stylish look with the thongs. Due to the nature of wearing thongs, they tend to go literally on the inside of the butt crack and slide around more often. The chances of transferring the E. Coli bacteria from the anus to the vagina are high in the long run. If you’ve to stick to cotton thongs, get yourself that comfortable, well-fitting size.

Only Hearts Women's Heritage Heart French Bikini
Only Hearts Women's Heritage Heart French Bikini

Cotton is the best organic underwear you are comfortable to have them on, anywhere anytime. Not only is it a priority to your health but also the environment. Most cotton underwears are pocket-friendly and more so worth the investment. Bamboo and wool are some of the other organic materials coming closely after cotton. Make an effort and get this best of underwear in your bedroom drawer.

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