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People are in worse shape than ever before, and this is not necessarily their fault. Today’s processed foods and hours spent at the desk have a negative impact on our bodies, an impact that could have dire health and life consequences. Proof of this is the fact that after a long, fattening winter, many start thinking about curating the body to look good during summer. Switching to green tea – or simply grabbing more cups per day than usual – is one of the solutions many decide to take. And while the benefits of green tea have been proven time and time again, specialists believe that consuming the best loose leaf green tea available will help us achieve the best results.

Best Loose Leaf Green tea-VahDam Organic Himalayan Green Tea Leaves 2017
Best Loose Leaf Green tea-VahDam Organic Himalayan Green Tea Leaves 2017

One of the best and famous tea companies in the world is VahDam. They’ve been already the main choice of many tea lovers from around the world, and they’ve recently released a new product of green-leaf tea that will help anyone detoxify and get in shape until the summer season starts. The VahDan Organic Himalayan Green Tea is a premium, quality green tea, cultivated in the Himalayan Mountains, and it’s considered by many the best loose leaf green tea available.

Why is it the best choice for those who want to lose some weight and get in shape? You will find out in this article.

Why This is the Best Loose Leaf Green Tea

Why This is the Best Loose Leaf Green Tea
Why This is the Best Loose Leaf Green Tea?

Harvest and exported from the highlands of the Himalayan Darjeeling region of India, the VahDan Organic Himalayan Green Tea is recommended by many tea specialists from around the world. Many say that the tea’s secret lies in the leaves harvest in those lands, as well as the business philosophy of the VahDam Corporation.

The locals of Darjeeling have a long tradition of harvesting and crafting the best green leaf tea in the world, a tradition that’s been passed through generations. Maybe there’s more to harvesting tea in the Himalayas than we might think, but what we do know is that this premium tea is pesticide free and unblended. After it’s packed right at its source, this organic green tea is directly shipped to clients all over the world. This means that the green-tea packs are not held in containers for months before they reach the shelves of shops and homes; no, anyone will be able to have a fresh cup of green tea and leverage their weight loss and detoxification programs to the fullest.

VahDam Truly Offers the Best Leaf Green Tea

While weight-loss specialists and doctors have recommended the consumption of green tea for decades, not any green tea brand can help you reach the goal of getting in shape and being healthier. That’s why anyone should seek the best loose leaf green tea if they want to fit into their swimming suit and enjoy their free time to the fullest.

Energizing, calming, and refreshing, The VahDan Organic Himalayan Green Tea will certainly help you lose the extra weight, become slimmer and feel better. That’s because, as any green tea, it will aid your digestive functions, helping the body to curate and accelerating your metabolic rates. But what makes it stand out?

Not all green tea brands are able to offer quality products to their clients. Having an organic tea, which is free of pesticides and shipped directly from the Himalayas, is not something that you’ll get anywhere. The main thing to take into consideration is that the long green tea leaves contain powerful anti-oxidants and flavonoids, nutritional compounds that are vital in the weight-loss process. The antioxidants are essential for boosting metabolism and eliminating toxins from the body; the flavonoids are there to help regenerate organs and slow the aging process.

These two compounds, antioxidants, and flavonoids are found in the leaves of green tea. One reason why this brand is considered the best loose leaf green tea is because of its nutritional richness. As with most products, The VahDan Organic Himalayan Green Tea is unblended, pesticide-free, and always fresh. This way, the tea doesn’t lose any of its nutritional value, thus helping the consumer to lose weight, become slimmer, and feel better. That’s why we consider The VahDan Organic Himalaya Green Tea to be the best organic tea out there: it takes a lot of effort to deliver a fresh, quality tea to shelves around the world.

Review of a Woman Who Needed to Get in Shape Quickly

How to Make a Perfect Tea?
How to Make a Perfect Tea?

Nancy, of New Jersey, has struggled with weight all his life. However, this summer, she wanted to be in the best shape possible. That’s why she purchased a gym membership, made a diet plan and started searching for supplements online.

“I’ve always struggled with weight, ever since I can remember. That’s why my dietitian recommended me to take supplements. First I thought she was talking about fat burners, but then I found out that there are other variants out there,”
said the woman.
“I found out that many people have had miraculous body transformations after consuming green tea. That’s why after some research I told myself that I should try The VahDan Organic Himalaya Green Tea.”

Although she did start to feel better, she had a problem with the tea – its taste.

“I can’t stand bitterness. There’s something about a bitter taste that makes me feel ill. That’s why I bought a tea with a sweet flavor. How was it? Horrible very bitter,”
claimed Nancy.

It wasn’t a problem with the green tea itself, but with the way that Nancy brewed it. Luckily for her, the instructions are clear on every pack, so she got it right after a while.

“In my ambition to lose weight quickly and get in shape, I was using too much of the green tea. And, yes, quantity doesn’t matter. How you brew it is the most important thing. You have to use the right amount of tea for a cup, and leave it for 3 minutes in water boiled at around 180°.”
said Nancy Gladly.

Now, Miss. Nancy is probably in this best shape possible due to the best loose leaf green tea. With 3-5 cups of The VahDan Organic Himalaya Green Tea per day, she has lost enough weight to fit in clothes one size smaller. She is now more energetic and full of life than ever before.

Purchase the Best Leaf Tea Today and Start Feeling Better in Your Own Body

A pack of The VahDan Organic Himalayan Green Tea could be used for brewing more than 100 cups of delicious green tea. Instructions on how to prepare it are written on each pack, and following them should help you make a healthy, sweet cup of organic green tea.

You can find more information about the product and order it right away by following the Amazon Link. If you’ve been searching for the best loose leaf green tea for some time, we hope that you will be convinced that VahDan truly delivers some of the best quality products in the world. In no time, you will begin to feel healthier and look slimmer for the hot summer days to come.

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