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Hi everyone, it's Saturday review time! Today, I will introduce a pure natural healing book --- Everyday Roots Book. Why is this book? Let's hear the author's story first:

everyday roots book

Are you a Human? Do you belong here? Yes? Then why do you need toxic chemicals to cure yourself?

Want to know why I came up with an idea of writing the Everyday Roots Book focusing on natural cure? Let me explain, this world is 7 billion years old, and solar system we are living in is 4.6 billion years of age. Can you see how nature evolved in all these years? How climate change, how plants grow, don’t you think we are part of it? If you do, then why do you think you need something else to cure yourself when you have nature? Why are you using medications made of chemicals and food genetically modified?

I was once same as most of you, eating food I was never supposed to eat. Taking medication, meant to cure me in real. Those medications, were alien to my body damaging my internal system, I was lost in such glamorous brands, and I couldn’t anticipate what was coming.

But things are different now, and I am much better than I have ever been. Want to know how?

Once like every other person, I used to visit my doctor regularly taking medications he recommends me, and everything was looking perfect. One day as usual I took my medications and started my rotten work but suddenly I realize that something is not going well so I decided to visit me physician again and something he disclosed to me was, the medication has stopped working because my body was so used to them that my cells stopped reacting to these medications, I was surprised and worried as I should be, because I had no alternative. It was 2009 when I realized that all those medications I used in all these years have left side effects and complication instead of curing the disease then I started looking for other options.

Writing book “Every Day Root” was a great experience, because when I started it, it was all for myself, but when I was discussing with others then I came to know, how world is so desperate and want to get rid of those toxic medications. Either ever third person wants to get rid of these medications or every fourth is complaining about preservative chemicals and genetically modified food. Then I realized the importance of giving people a healthy alternative, so I wrote this book.

everyday roots book

Things Everyday Roots Book offers you


With this book in hand you can treat all those things you and your family go through on regular basis due to changing climates etc., which include cough, headache, flu etc., at home with all pure natural healing ingredients in hand like honey, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar.

With the help of this book, you can get rid of chemical you apply on your teeth while brushing, washing hair, cleaning face, bathing and doing laundry. For this entire thing, you don’t have to go to the market to buy all these things and spend your hard earned money.

Everyday Roots book can help you make all these things at home and will save your money which can be saved for more healthy activities like going for vacation, buying beautiful gifts for loved one so, this is not just a book that has tips, this book has happiness enclosed in it as well.

This book also offers your home remedies, such as home remedies for sore throat, remedies will help in weight loss, gas, acne, and dandruff, toothaches, cold sores, constipation, nausea arthritis and bloating, these are all those things a normal person goes through multiple times in his/her life, so everyday roots book can save your money, and most importantly it will save you from toxic medications.

Book Features

    This book includes:
  • Making of your own beauty cosmetics, and hygiene products free and healthy
  • It helps you to make your own air fresheners, fabric softeners, laundry detergents and household cleaner
  • As mentioned above this book also includes natural sleep remedies, home remedies for sore throat, and remedies for constipation, acne, arthritis, sore throat, dandruff, gas, bloating and dandruff

everyday roots book

How to buy Everyday Roots Book

This book was available in $94, but the good news is Clair has reduced the price and it is now available in just 37$, isn’t it great? One more thing, this book has 60 days money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied which is I am sure not going to happen, still you can return it back. The book is so cheap because it is a ebook, if Claire had published it as a hardcover, then this same book would have cost you $110.

Here is a special offer

If you order everyday roots book now, you can save up to $25 because with this book you will have an additional holistic herb guide covering over 24 healing herb, with this book you can learn how to grow your own herbs used in medicines, and discover to use them to heal and recover your body and mind.


This is not it, when you buy Everyday roots book you will also receive a Coconut oil book, and will save $19, with this book, you will be able to discover up to 107 everyday uses for coconut oil, isn’t it amazing?

everyday Coconut oil

Plus, with purchasing this book you will also have lifetime membership with Clair and will find useful tips to grow your own herbs, books, new offers and a lot more things.


When you will go through Everyday Roots Book you will find out some of the most amazing and wonderful techniques to make expensive things like scrubs, cosmetics etc. with simple and cheap herbs, but results will surprise you. Clair shared her knowledge based on her experiments and discovery is totally safe and healthy. Overall, it is a book you don't want to miss.

Order the Pure Natural Healing - Everyday Roots Book with $57 OFF

everyday roots book

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