Smartwool Women's PhD Support Bra

In the blog "What to Wear Running 2016", Katia mentioned her favorite running bra - Smartwool Women's PhD Support Bra. Today, I received an email from a reader, who wants to share her experience of this particular bra.

Smartwool Women's PhD Support Bra

If you are looking for a comfortable and functional support bra that can be worn during outdoor activities then Smartwool Women's PhD Support Bra can be the best option for you. This bra is constructed with moulded cups, sew free straps and the liner of merino wool to make it more comfortable for you. The Smartwool Women's PhD Support Bra review, based on personal experiences, provided in this write-up will help you to know this bra more closely. You can also enjoy the benefits of this bra described here under by using it as instructed by its manufacturer.

Product description

Smartwool Women's PhD Support Bra is considered as the most comfortable and easy to use bra on the basis of its features:

  • This bra has clasp less and seamless straps
  • The merino wool liner in its cups increases its comfort level
  • It provides unparalleled support through its 4 Degree elite fit system
  • Spacer mesh lining in it improves the stability and air circulation in this bra
  • It can be converted into racerback bra due to its adjustable straps
  • Merino wool lining in its non-stretchable moulded cups provides comfort, thermoregulation and support to the wearer
  • Materials are placed strategically at the high support areas
  • The terry loop elastic band made of Merino Wool is provided at ribcage for better support
  • Customizable fit Hook and eye back closure

Smartwool Women's PhD Support Bra

Personal experiences

According to the personal experiences of the wearers of Smartwool Women's PhD Support bra, the merino wool lining in this bra makes it actually tremendously snug and comfortable even though some of them have used such bra for the first time. Another notable thing in this bra is its seamless construction that increases mobility of the user. This feature makes this bra suitable for athletes and yoga performers as these activities require high mobility. Its availability in wide range of cup sizes starting from XS to XL makes it useful for almost every woman. These bras fit to everyone due to their flexible materials even if they do not have any adjustable option. These bras are more functional than other bras in this class because they are tug-it on and over-the-head style bras that can be worn without any problem.

The Smartwool Women's PhD Support bras are available in wide range of cup sizes to provide the best support to everyone from the impact of the activities like running, jumping and activities on the stairs. The materials used in these bras allow them to support you during medium and high impact movement activities.

The full coverage of the merino wool lining with mesh improves the absorption power of these bras but some women can feel sticky after working out for long time, due to remaining in contact with wet mesh. Some women may find it useful to wear these bras for certain sports like snowshoeing and skiing etc. as well as according to the weather conditions.

Though this bra is highly versatile to provide support to the women during outdoor activities but some of them find it expensive as compared to its utility.

Smartwool Women's PhD Support Bra

Pros of Smartwool Women's PhD Support bra

  • Natural fabric used in it enables it to regulate temperature, provide comfort and wick away sweat effectively
  • Its availability in four different styles provide different levels of support to the wearers
  • It does not pinches as no clasps are provided in it
  • Its seamless construction makes it very supportive and comfortable
  • Its flexible structure makes it useful in high mobility events
  • Its high winking capability keeps you fresh even after intensive activities

Smartwool Women's PhD Support Bra

Cons of Smartwool Women's PhD Support bra

  • This bra is not very easy to wear and take off
  • It is more expensive than other bras of same class
  • It dries slowly than traditional bras made of Lycra and polyester


According to the Smartwool Women's PhD Support Bra review provided in this write-up it is a fabulous and versatile bra for the women requiring any cup sizes. It can provide them enough support and comfort during the activities like running and yoga etc. You can choose a suitable size for you as it is provided in different sizes and styles. For this winter, this bra is ideal for wearing during winter and the activities like skiing and snowshoeing etc.

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